Custom-made jewellery design

If you have a design of your own in mind other than those available on our webpage, we can make your necklace, bracelet, cufflinks etc. for you.
In custom-made jewellery design, the jewellery reaches its final form by “designing and creating it together” with the artist.

In short, the process of custom-made jewellery design is as follows:

  1. Contact, first consultation (e-mail, phone)
  2. First personal appointment („getting know each other”, first concepts)
  3. Second personal appointment (designs, price, deadlines)
  4. Price quote, ordering
  5. Receipt of the jewellery item

Custom-made jewellery 1. step: Contact, first consultation

As the first step, please send your contact details via the email address given in the “Contact” menu. We will usually contact you within one day.
This is followed by the first consultation during which we discuss your initial idea of the jewellery and the deadline by which you would like to receive it. The first consultation is generally via phone or email.

Custom-made jewellery 2. step: First personal appointment

In the first personal appointment my intention is to gain some information about the jewellery and the “circumstances” (the occasion the jewellery will be created for, your preferences etc.). Concepts are also drawn up on the basis of which the design can proceed.

Custom-made jewellery 3. step: Second personal appointment

In our second personal appointment you are shown 2-3 design concepts along with a price quote. During the consultation you can choose the preferred design and can provide further alterations and clarification, if necessary. On this occasion we finalise the design, the price quote and the deadline.

Custom-made jewellery 4. step: Price quote, ordering

You can accept the price quoted in the second appointment via phone. However, we only accept orders placed in written format along with the payment of deposit. The deposit is 50% of the purchase price.
After receiving your order, I proceed to preparing the jewellery. Mainly in the case of rings, the fitting of the master piece might be necessary, about which you will be informed in due course.

Custom-made jewellery 5. step: Receipt of the jewellery item

Finally, on the agreed date I will hand over the completed jewellery item hallmarked and wrapped in a gift box, along with the certificate. Payment of the second half of the purchase price is due at this time.